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Welcome to CATeams, a service dedicated to unleashing group brilliance. We help teams improve their performance, increase group intelligence, and experience more satisfaction.

We believe that the purpose of a team is to:

  • be greater than the sum of its parts
  • produce brilliant results
  • be an environment that is stimulating, fun and creative for each team member
  • maximise the strengths and talents of its members

How do you experience life in your team?

  • Is your team producing brilliant results?
  • Does it bring out the best in each team member?
  • Do you enjoy and look forward to working in/with your team?

Learn how we can help you get the most from your teams! Read about our clinics and courses, check out our news, and download some of our writings.

Latest news from CATeams

CATeams Clinic: conversations After a summer break, CATeams Clinics resume on Thursday, 24 September, central London, 17.00-19.00. We'll be around to talk about any of your issues with teams and organisations: one of our recent concerns is the way we frame discussions and conversations, so in particular if you're involved in, or preparing for, a difficult conversations within or between parts of your organisations, we'd be delighted to hear your stories and offer advice. We're looking forward to seeing you: sign up here and come along.
CATeams Clinic on coaching We're holding the July CATeams Clinic on Tuesday, 21 July. We'll be joined by our associate Rachel Davies: to celebrate the publication of her book on coaching agile teams, we'll focus this clinic's attention on issues around coaching. So if you're trying to coach individuals or a team team in your company (development team, product team, executive team - in fact at any level), or would like to understand what coaching might mean for your organisation, let us know and come along.
Book news CATeams associate Rachel Davies is the proud author of a new book on Agile Coaching. We're looking forward to it! Rachel and her co-author Liz Sedley will be running a session on coaching at the Agile 2009 conference in Chicago in August.

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